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Obelia Akanke

Obelia is a “true life poet.” Her topics range from comical and light to those of difficult subject matters, such as male sexual abuse and teen suicide. She began addressing difficult topics when she realized those who most needed an advocate felt silenced and afraid to speak up for themselves. Many of her pieces will have a life lesson written into them. Her hope is that people will gain a bit of understanding or practical information while being entertained. However, there are times when she will write for no other reason than to amuse herself and hopes that you’ll laugh along, too.

Obelia likes to challenge herself to learn and improve her art. She has chosen to express much of that through poetry and contemporary fiction. Her unique style can be felt through print or audio. She currently resides in Hampton Roads where she may be found at poetry venues, book fests, or interacting with and supporting other local artists.

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