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Vickey Wollan

Vickey Wollan has written for business publications, but is excited to embark on her long-awaited romance writing journey. Having a good run in the corporate world prepared her to become an entrepreneur in creativity and relaxation. Her stories are designed to transport readers to a less stressful portion of their day and leave them with a feeling of awe. Her work is now
published in six fiction books including a completed three-novel series.

Vickey’s first book was a single-copy publication as part of a public elementary school project. While not the fastest reader, she still enjoyed immersing herself in good novels growing up. She hopes to pay homage to the authors that inspired her and respect her fan’s highly sought-after
commodity of time by providing a satisfying reading experience.

The Christmas season is the backdrop of Vickey’s first series because most people allow their inner-child to roam and their innate generosity to ooze at that time of year. Couple that mind-frame with a snowy small town and folks feel comforted. She has now branched out beyond holiday stories, but her writing will remain sweet and clean.

Originally from Ohio, she moved to Florida in the late Eighties. Central Florida is sometimes called Hollywood East where the waves and palm trees are amazing. But, there’s something about a white Christmas that fills her heart with joy. The use of imagination surrounds her and she will draw from it as her characters come to life in plots that will keep readers guessing, but
leave them with a happily ever after.

With a background in healthcare and wellness she hopes to intertwine her past skills with her longing to write in a way that sooths the nerves and reminds folks there is still good to be found in our fast-paced world. Vickey and her husband have traveled to many National Parks. She will
use her platform to promote our country’s national treasures and the invitation they give sightseers to rejuvenate.

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