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Tracey Pedersen

Tracey Pedersen is an Australian author who has finally accepted that she is meant to write, write, write! In 2016 she released her first romance novel and hasn’t looked back. Now writing full time, and fighting the urge to write every second of the day, she loves travel, crocheting, replying to reader emails and spending WAY too much time on Facebook!

If you enjoy romance stories that mimic real life, with an extra twist thrown in, you’ll love Tracey’s books. She enjoys dialogue that sounds exactly like we all talk and weaving travel into her stories too. A few laughs don’t go astray either!

In her spare time Tracey likes to post outrageous things on Facebook!

Follow Tracey on Amazon to be notified of all her new releases. You’re bound to find one you can’t live without 🙂

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