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Sabrina Blackburry

I’m a fantasy author from Missouri who enjoys reading as much as I enjoy writing. Blame The Hobbit, blame Tamora Pierce, either way, books are a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Other than books, I spend my time at the renaissance festival, gardening, playing tabletop games, and wandering nature trails. I take a lot of inspiration from nature, and my love of faeries was born when my grandfather took a very small Sabrina to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the university theatre. I was hooked, and spending so much of my life hoping to find the magic just under the surface of what we can see is a constant theme in my writing. 

I took the leap into writing for other people to read when I joined Wattpad in 2016. In fact, I wrote Dirty Lying Faeries as my first story to show the world. Eventually, that very story would go on to join Wattpad’s Paid Stories program, and later be published by Wattpad Books. I’ll forever be grateful for my start, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for my stories.

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