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Marie Hall

USA Today Best Selling Author, International Best Selling, Multi-Award Winning, Amazon Best Selling

Catch Marie on https://linktr.ee/mariehallauthor.

Marie Hall is a romantic with an imagination and she uses those skills to both entertain and inform.

Because of her love for the written word, she spends her days (and a lot of nights too) creating characters in setting and situations the reader will hopefully love and believe in.

Writing erotica, historical and contemporary, Marie focuses on the complex dynamics of a dominate/submissive relationship and those who consent to live within this structure. Love and respect are always the main theme. The characters she writes grow and develop with each other and because of each other.

Abuse is NEVER right, deserved or allowed. If you believe you or a loved one maybe in an abusive relationship please contact the National Abuse Hotline right away. SAFE SANE CONSENSUAL is the ONLY way to live.

When writing historical Marie uses her degree in history to add facts about the time periods she writes and blogs about those facts from time to time. You can find those blogs, other topics and her newsletter at the website http://www.mariehallwriting.com.

When she is not writing or blogging (or messing around on social media) she spends time with family, her husband of more than twenty years and her adult daughter. Mostly, though, with her little four legged fur-child, Tuck. They spend time enjoying the contrasting landscape of Western Colorado. With high reaching, jagged and rough peaks and soft sloping valleys it is the perfect setting to sit back and think up stories to tell.

Please take the time to enjoy a book. Books open doors in life, takes you to places or times you may never have known and lift your spirit.

Be Safe,

And as always READ ON

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