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Kathryn Nolan

Kathryn Nolan is an adventurous hippie chick. Her steamy romance novels are filled with slow-burn sexual tension, memorable characters, and big, swoony heart-feels.

Kathryn is a book-loving, coffee-drinking outdoorsy girl. She loves to spend her free time hiking, camping, and traveling in her camper van (“Van Morrison”). Her husband is a cute, bearded nerd. Their rescue pup – Walter – is (probably) half-coyote but is 100% The Best Boy. Kathryn just moved back to Philly – her hometown – after living with her husband in Northern California for eight years. In 2017, they spent six months traveling across the country in an epic road-trip…which they’re already planning on doing again.

You can learn more about Kathryn on her website!

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