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Erica Alexander

Erica Alexander has always been a storyteller at heart. She creates characters with a flair for the mischievous and a hint of sarcasm (not unlike herself). 

Erica lives in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, three cats, a dog, and the feral cat colony that took residence in her backyard.

When she’s not engrossed in her latest writing project, you’ll find her baking, devouring books, and indulging in Netflix marathons. 

Or trying to befriend the skunk that lives under the shed in her backyard.

From sneaking her mom’s forbidden books as a child, to devouring every page she could get her hands on, Erica’s passion for reading has always been a wild, obsessive love affair.

Erica’s writing is infused with humor, tears, and complex characters that invite the reader on a journey filled with emotion and heartfelt moments. 

Dive into her world and discover the magic she creates with every word.

P.S. A happily ever after is guaranteed. 

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