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Catherine Stein

Catherine Stein started reading at age two, when her mother noticed that she could tell the difference between words that started with the same letter. Ever since, she has wandered around with a book in her hand, her backpack, her purse, or even tucked down the back of her pants. A few years after she began to read, she also began to write, spending the majority of her school career writing non-school-related stories in her notebooks. Now she writes sassy, sexy stories set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras and full of action, adventure, magic, and fantastic technologies.

Catherine lives in Michigan with her husband and three rambunctious girls. She can often be found dressed in clothing that was purchased at a Renaissance Festival, drinking copious amounts of tea.
Visit Catherine online at www.catsteinbooks.com and join her VIP mailing list, follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/catsteinbooks, or like her page on facebook at facebook.com/catsteinbooks.

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